The results the mistakes Jurgen Klopp

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The results are highlighting the mistakes Jurgen Klopp.

Who had to go back to the summer. When they had plenty of time find more players in the squad. Where Jones and Elliott are among the youngsters to watch and to the mainstays of the future. But it’s too soon for them to take charge of such a stressful and intense game.

Many consider the 55-year-old manager’s inevitable impact on Liverpool inevitable impact on the rest of the team. And he must be responsible for what happened on Saturday.

Klopp may still believe in his old team-building approach. Believing the stats and looking for young, cheap. But capable players to shape. Become a superstar in a matter of years. But he must have forgotten that the world was changing every moment. And now it’s making him a man who can’t keep up with the changes.

Liverpool’s football in the last 3-4 years has regard as the dream football of many team owners. Having a good manager, spending less money. Buying cheap and selling expensive. focus on value It’s a trend that many teams try to follow. But in the end few teams have been successful. While others have turn to spending more money. When they can’t replicate Klopp’s side.

Arsenal spent more than 200 million last year to create a new team. And this year they have paid another 100 million. Bringing with them Manchester City at the top of the table at the moment, as well as Manchester United that have failed and failed again. But they don’t stop paying. And give up almost 200 million to allow Eric Ten Hag to get the new team he wants.

While Chelsea , Manchester City and Spurs are no less. They put together in excess of £500m in the summer to build a stronger team. With even Forest spending 145 million to escape relegation.

As for Liverpool, pay less than 100 million in exchange for 3 young stars who are not yet available. Which has already seen results in the first 11 games of the season. Especially the latest match that has to reluctant to use 3 players. Who are not yet 21 years old to enter the field and lose to the bottom team of the table without a shape

Hopefully what has happened will allow Jurgen Klopp. His staff to see the mistake and move on in the coming January transfer window to make a serious new team.

It’s time to wait for the right player or a worthy bargain. Because now the world of football is driven by money!