Murphy sees it as time for ten Hag to go.

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Former England midfielder Danny Murphy feels it is time for Manchester United to fire Erik ten Hag as manager. Because this is not the right person to manage a team.

The Red Devils suffered a humiliating 0-3 home loss to Bournemouth in the Premier League on Saturday, making the team lose 7 out of 16 league games this season amid heavy criticism. And the Dutch boss is under heavy pressure.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Murphy said there should be changes at United: “The win over Chelsea in midweek was through the cracks, Chelsea intercepted them countless times.”ทางเข้า UFABET

“Bournemouth scored three goals and maybe four. The result confirms that United are in trouble. United don’t want to be in this position going to Anfield and losing by five goals, they lost. 7 children in March”

“I’ve always thought that United should give Ten Hag until the end of the season, but if they want to get back to where they want to be again, Change is something that needs to happen now and let the new manager decide what needs to be done.”

“It’s a shame because Ten Hag is a great person. But you get the feeling the United job came too quickly for him, at Ajax he never had to manage a superstar. He has never had to deal with the constant scrutiny of being at one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

“He was learning on the job and it wasn’t working. Unless the team manager changes. The playing style is the same. It’s time for a change. But it was only when they had a plan. There was no point in chasing Ten Hag now unless they knew what to do. But it’s clear that this manager is not the right person for United.”

“If Bournemouth beat City 3-0, you’d think ‘oh my god’. You’d do the same thing if they beat Arsenal and get the three points. But when it happens at United, you just shrug your shoulders and say ‘That says it all.'”