Media corrects news about Liverpool interest in Lacroix as untrue.

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Sky Sport Germany reports that there is news that Liverpool are interested in Maxance Lacroix in the winter market is not true at all.

Last week, British media reported that. The Reds were interested in Lacroix, a 23-year-old defender from Wolfsburg, who was cited as one of the players the Reds had put on their list. 

The important factor that led to the report coming out is. Because Liverpool encountered bad news in the case of Joel Matip suffering a torn knee ligament and will definitely miss this season. UFABET As a result, the famous Merseyside club is looking for a new player in the defender position.

But recently, Sky Germany came out to correct the news and confirm that. Lacroix is ​​not the Reds’ target player in this winter market as understood.

For Lacroix, there has been news of a team transfer since last summer. Which many clubs are interested in using his services. Plus, the players’ contracts are about to enter their final year after the end of this season. Making it even more of a catalyst for teams to be ready to approach.

It is expected that Wolfsburg will find a way to negotiate a new contract. But if Lacroix is ​​not interested in extending it. It will cause Beer City Wolf Definitely ready to listen to offers.