Martinez boasts Aston Villa are on course for the title.

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Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has made it clear that. The team is on course to compete for the English Premier League title after defeating two favorites, Arsenal and Manchester City.

“Singha Rising” defeated the former champion team 1-0 in the middle of last week. Followed by slaughtering the “Cannon” with the same score on Saturday. As a result, the team now ranks 3rd in the table with 35 points from 16 games, only 2 points behind leader Liverpool UFABET

Although Unai Emery, the team’s boss Aston Villa. Said it was too early to lift the team into the title race. Martinez did not hide his ambition that the team could fight for the trophy this season. This is possible.

“Yes, definitely [we are in the title race],” Martinez said. “When you beat City and Arsenal in the same week, There was one game where we controlled everything like we’ve never seen Manchester City before.”

“Then there was another game where Arsenal were pressed for 85 minutes and managed to win… I have faith, friend.”

“We also have plans to expand Villa Park. As I said when I came to the club I didn’t come here to kill time. Since I came in We keep moving forward. That is the main reason. I want to take Aston Villa to the Champions League and try to win the championship. That’s for sure.”