Marsh understands fans upset at home defeat to Fulham

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Marsh understands fans upset at home defeat to Fulham.

Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh has understood the frustration of supporters. After their 3-2 home defeat to Fulham in the Premier League on Sunday.

The lead from Rodrygo but conceded three goals in a row to Aleksandar Mitrovic, Bobby Reid and Willian before adding another shot from CreesenZio Summerville The team has not won 8 league games in a row.

After the game, March went to applaud the fans who came to cheer but found boos at him, which he understood the mood of the fans from the performance in this game.

“I don’t think our fans want to hear a lot of tactical analysis. We started well and you feel after the goal we can control the game,” Marsh said.

“But we found a way to injure ourselves and stop scoring goals in a way we didn’t think it should be. And then we let them wade up. In the second half, despite the score being 1-1, you can see that our confidence was not at the highest point. And from Nam, we dropped out of the game.”

“Defending set-pieces is something we are proud of. So basically it’s two corners and then a throw-in too that we didn’t defend well enough and we weren’t ready for that moment. It was really painful and unacceptable. We have to do better.”

“I understand the frustration (of the fans). We all in the same boat. I am the one responsible I am responsible for making the team better. I work tirelessly help the team have confidence. Solve problems, show confidence, challenge them to strong and keep going. But I admit I was wrong for the team. We have to do better.”