Elias Akomach won’t rule out the chance to return to Barca.

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Elias Akomach decided to move to play with Villarreal for more opportunities on the field. But he does not rule out the possibility of returning to his old team like Barcelona in the future as well.

Villarreal’s 19-year-old forward Elias Akomach has revealed. His decision to leave Barcelona this summer was because he wanted to play more and it didn’t happen with the team Azulgrana. But he doesn’t rule out the possibility of returning to the club in the future either. From what was revealed to Cat Radio last Saturday UFABET

Elias was one of Barcelona’s rising stars to leave the club this summer. After moving to sign a free 4-year contract with Villarreal. Because the players wanted more opportunities to play on the field. The 19-year-old forward did not rule out the possibility of returning to the Azulgrana team in the future either. 

The young striker, who has been with the club for 13 years, got the opportunity to debut with the first team as a starter in Xavi Hernandez’s first game in charge. Winning over Espanyol 1 -0 at Camp Nou. But he hardly featured for the Azulgrana after that.

‘At that moment, I felt something inside me. I had been at Barcelona for 13 years, training since I was a kid. And for this opportunity to come to me was like a dream.’

Elias said about playing his first game with Barca.

‘It wasn’t my best match, Camp Nou, there was a lot of pressure on a lot of people. It was a good experience. which still remains in my memory a lot to this day’ 

Elias admits that limited playing time thereafter led to his decision to leave the club without talking to Xavi, but he insists he has no resentment towards the 43-year-old and is not ruling out a return to the club in the future.

‘It’s about football. I don’t have a grudge against Xavi. Yes, I would like to talk to him. But thanks to him for my time in the first team.’

‘Right now I’m at Villarreal but Barca will always be one of the great teams. Why shouldn’t I come back one day?’ the 19-year-old forward said.