Despite Liverpool poor performance in the first three games

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Despite Liverpool poor performance in the first three games.

it looks like they are on track to return as Klopp starts to have some good news. When the injure players are gradually coming back. That will allow him to use Thiago Alcantara. While other positions such as defenders will have Joel Matip ready. To settle down with Virgil van Dijk in the defensive panel and Jota will. Come to compete for a position in the offensive game panel as well.

There is nothing more perfect than this for Liverpool because this is the team that won 4 trophies last season. But playing to play, it turns out that the work is still not in the way. After two wins in a row against Bournemouth and Newcastle. They stumbled on draws with Everton and Brighton. Before losing to Arsenal
Then defending themselves in superb form with the Reds. Beating Manchester City and beating West Ham United

But no one thought that the next game would dare to invade and lose to the bottom team Nottingham Forest.

Overall, the last 5 games, the Reds have won 2, drawn 1 and lost 2. If a team is in the middle of the table or escapes from relegation. It can that this is an okay performance. But with being raised as the 2nd favorite to win the Premier League. And 3rd favorite in the UEFA Champions League this is a failure.

Many have begun to question Jurgen Klopp whether the players. He has on hand, especially the midfield players enough to win the trophy as he thinks.

A game that lost against Forest would have been a very good answer. With the absence of Thiago Alcantara and Darwin Núñez, the Beer City boss’s team has become just one of the hardy teams. They immediately got into trouble when they didn’t have a main shin. Because the potential of the existing shin can not be replaced at all. Especially when considering the middle of the field

Klopp sent three youngsters Curtis Jones, Fabio Carvalho and Harvey Elliott into the game. He doesn’t have a better player, Jordan Henderson has fitness issues and Diox has just returned from injury. The first start immediately is a risk, while Keita has not recovered.

With such a line-up, it makes the picture of Liverpool’s game not going anywhere, not going to invade or attack. Will not tight Plus, playing back and forth has personal mistakes leading to defeat. This is the Reds in the original form 6-7 years ago, clearly.