Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United: Analysis of all the key

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Chelsea 1-1 Manchester United: Analysis of all the key issues after the Red Devils cheated death

1. Potter showed a flair for solving the game from the beginning.

The Blue Lion led the team to start with a 3-4-2-1 style of play as usual. With the central duo in control of the game at the midfield flank by both wing-backs. But faced problems that never set the game. He was able to play his own against Manchester United’s 4-1-4-1. While the switch to long balls had trouble winning mid-air against the defensive line. Red Devils

Potter decided to replace Mateo Ko. Vacic came on in place of Marc Cucurella from the first 35 minutes of the game move into diamond 4-4-2 formation add to midfield. Stop United’s dominance of the game before the team gradually come back after

That means former Brighton midfielder Cucurella has only on the pitch for 90 minutes. Once since the England manager replace Thomas Tuchel.

2. Sancho still cannot be called good at Manchester United

Jadon Sancho had the opportunity to stay on the pitch for just 52 minutes at Stamford Bridge. Before being substituted. When Erik ten Hag attempted to correct the game at the midfield. Atter Potter had put his cards first. From the first half

so far, Sancho has only scored two goals and one assist for Manchester United this season, a disappointing figure for the £73m star from Borussia Dortmund. Hartmund

3. Casemiro Show Class

The Brazil international midfielder became the hero to score a goal equalizer for Manchester United in stoppage time. It’s another dimension of the game that Casemiro has shown. In addition to his excellent control in midfield, where the former Real Madrid player complements. What the Red Devils have long been missing at the center of the field.

4. Varane slams the World Cup

Sadly, Rafael Varane pulled up his shirt to cover his face and burst into tear. He was substituted for injury, as though he knew the condition was too serious to recover in time for football. World Qatar 2022, the countdown is on.