You should know the fish shooting game

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You should know the fish shooting game. Fish shooting games are getting more and more playful every day. Whether it is a game system. That supports a variety of applications to various gimmicks. That help create enjoyment for players to have fun at UFABET without boredom. Therefore, it is not unusual to see more and more people turn to this type of game.

Betting room level does not affect the game system.

We may have heard that if you have never shot fish before, you should play in the entry level room first. When skilled, then move to a higher room. This may cause many people to misunderstand that small rooms are easier to play, fish easy to break, die quickly, have a chance to make a lot of profits. Actually, these room levels do not affect pay rate or difficulty. to even a small chance of getting a bonus

The higher the multiplier, the higher the risk.

The glamor in this game doesn’t lie in the variety of fish or the gimmicks that the game camps are trying to put in. but at the sweetest pay rate. It can seen that every game will always have a lot of fish. That multiply. As a result, beginners tend to ignore small fish. That are x2 or x3 and go bash them on x50

The price of ammunition doesn’t make the gun more powerful.

Enough about the gun thing. When going to play in a common room where other players are present, you will see that each person uses different guns according to the set ammunition price. When he encountered the moment when the expensive people were shooting dead fish, he couldn’t help but think that his gun would have to be powerful because the ammunition was expensive.

Auto mode is good when there are targets.

If anyone has read the article shooting fish. You’ve probably seen some advice about not using an automatic gun because it wastes ammo. It’s true that the fish is shot, but most of the fish don’t die. which is only half true That’s half the case because that’s the Auto mode that only existed in old fish shooting games.