Introduce how to beat the Dragon Tiger card.

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Introduce how to beat the Dragon Tiger card. Make a profit easily by following these steps

Dragon Tiger card game Many people may already know. That it is a game that has develop from the game of Baccarat. But the style of play is much easier to play than baccarat. The methods of playing are the same, they differ only in the number of cards played. If anyone who wants to play the Dragon Tiger card game but doesn’t know how to play it to win, come this way. Today we have a way to win a Dragon Tiger card game for you. Easy to play and can make a profit from playing every day at UFABET.

Dragon Tiger or Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger or Dragon Tiger The game was play for the first time in Cambodia. Later, when it was develop enter online casino. Online casino Dragon Tiger card game is another game. That has Pack into online casino games. Because it is a game that is easy to play, earns money quickly, can attract the attention of all gamblers as well. By playing the Dragon Tiger, a standard 52 deck of cards is use not the Joker. The purpose of the game is to choose which side. 

Dragon or Tiger will get the highest points. By using a single card on the dragon and tiger sides. No more cards drawn Dragon Tiger Online. It is consider another popular gambling card game. Online gambling sites Because with the nature of the game that is simple, straightforward, takes time to decide the outcome of the bet quickly. Therefore, whether both a novice gambler or a pro, they choose to play Dragon Tiger cards. to make money from online casino sites.

To play Dragon Tiger, use around 5-6 decks of cards shuffled together. Then after that 1 card is dealt to Tiger’s side Tiger’s side and 1 card to Dragon’s side or Dragon side. After that, the gambler has to choose where to place bets. You can place bets starting from 50 baht up to 250,000 baht. According to the betting requirements of each web service provider and each room that has set. There will be about 30 – 45 seconds for you to decide.

Counting the points of the Dragon Tiger card game is very easy. Cards with numerical points Will count according to that point. For example, cards with the number 2 will count as 2 points, while all English letter cards will be counted as follows: K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, A = 1 Playing cards Tiger and Dragon don’t think of flowers the size of the cards will only count the number of face points Which side has more points wins the bet, and if the money / loses the full amount. When losing or winning occurs The result always comes out Also on the side of the tiger and the dragon Will lose half of the capital if you predict a tie, 8 times the capital