Things to do with depression patients.

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Have a friend, lover, or family member with depression. And we may not behave properly. Let’s see knowledge what’s there or what words should be and what not to do.

Invite activities that allow the body to move.

Giving patients fun activities to do. Especially hands-on activities moved the body. Whether heavy or small. Since exercising Invite you to go for a walk, go to draw, take photos, invite you to travel, visit new places. Patrolling for delicious restaurants. Anything that gets him up from his chair or bed. And enjoy until you forget the time. Help him get out of highs and lows, and the happy hormones or endorphins will help put a smile on his face UFABET

listen attentively do not decide instead

Allowing the patient to express his depression feelings gives him the opportunity to let go of his frustrations and the things he faces freely. where we have a duty to listen Listen attentively, don’t pressure, don’t comment, or make decisions for him, what if it were us, what would we do? because we are not him He didn’t want to be like that. I don’t want to feel that way But his malfunctioning brain ordered him to be or feel that way. 

So we should listen attentively. Create a comfortable atmosphere for him, let him trust us that we are the ones who listen to him at all times. or if he asks for our opinion We may answer neutrally, for example, if he says he wants to leave this world. what should he do We might tell him that we don’t want him to go. He is precious to us. If you feel bad With yourself again, turn to talk and contend with us at any time. we will be beside He goes forever, of course, etc.